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hay, hoping someone can help. im moving to the Portsmouth area and want to start the 2nd yr of AAT can anyone let me know of a good college to go to for a night school course?! any help would be great!!


  • LouiseM
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    South Downs College at Waterlooville, followed by Highbury College at Cosham will be your nearest but I cannot comment on the AAT courses as I haven't personally attended them.

    I can however recommend Chichester College on the basis of their costing tutor Sandy Hood (i.e. ECR for you in your second year). He is a fantastic teacher and, if you browse these forums, regularly makes valuable contributions. I have taken CMCC and PCR courses this year at Technican/Diploma level at Chichester and highly recommend.

    I personally travelled to Chichester College via Waterlooville and didn't have any problems with the car journey - it's very straightforward.

    All three colleges mentioned have their 08/09 part-time course prospectuses available on their respective websites now.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have to say that if I had the chance to go to Sandy I would. How many other tutors (apart from Visha) actually bother to come and help students on here.

    I've often felt there are tutors who do it for a job and then there are tutors who are genuinely interested in passing on knowledge to anyone and I think Sandy is one of those!
  • wonkeydonkey
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    thanks so much for your help i hadnt even looked at that college. going to go straight onto the web site now...!!!


  • Ratherbefishing
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    Hi all

    I studied at Southdowns college when i did my AAT full time and part time and i have to say that Southdowns were topps....for some reason i did do a couple of modules at Chichester and Fareham college (think at this time i may have been working at Chichester and the option paper i choose for some reason wasn't being run at Southdowns, which is why i attended Fareham)....

    I'm going to stick my neck out here a say that i personally feel that Southdowns is a far superior college - i spent 4 years in total studying there, but I’m sure someone out there may disagree with me on this one....


  • lulabelle
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    I completed my AAT studies at Southdowns College, I attended for 3 years for an afternoon and evening each week.

    I found them very good, back in those days you had to use the NVQ route, and they were also very good at chivvying everyone into completing their portfolios and final project, which no one ever fancied tackling!

    I have no experience of Chichester, Cosham or Fareham colleges, but Sandy Hood does seem to be very well regarded.
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