What percentage of each section do you think will need to be correct to pass

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In PEV, DFS and PCR there are 2 sections you need to show competance in both, what percentage in each section do you need to get correct to pass the overall exam, i know it varys for each exam but i wouldn't mind knowing peoples opinions on it. Thanks


  • alwa-37
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    i think it is 50% in each section...

    do anyone else hav any idea??????:confused1:
  • visha
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  • confused!!
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    I hope it is just 50% then I may have a chance :-)
  • vickybrown31
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    It doesn't exactly work on a % basis of the whole paper. Once the exam has been sat, examiners will look at a say 20 papers to try to guage the standard. Once this has been set I think you are looking at approximately 70% of that. Dont quote me on that but that's what I think happens. I sat the ECR in June 07 and that was a bu**er of a paper which had questions that had not been taught - let alone tested before - and I believe certainly in that paper you were not looking to gain 70% of the whole paper but 70% of the standard set. God I have really waffled there but hopefully you get the gist of what I am trying to say!!!!!!!
  • Pebbles
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    Yes, I think that sounds fair. BPP told us 75-80% but I think that depends on the paper and the overall results from students. I think the lowest setting would be 65% if examiners felt a lot of students struggled. If it was an easy paper then you could expect a higher setting. That's why we are never told the percentage pass rate.
  • welshwizard
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    Generally, competency is set at between 65% - 70% but can be lower from what I've been told.
  • sebastianforbes
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    i've heard that competency is being raised to 90% in order to maintain some sort of quality control.
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