Self Employment...HELP!

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Hey there everyone hope ur all good...

Well after sitting the Intermediate exams this June im pretty confident that ive passed. Im considering starting off my own Private bookeeping service, however i have no idea where to start!!!

any tips would be much appreciated!


  • jorja1986
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    My 1st suggestion would be to contact HMRC, they will be able to give you all the legal jargon and implications - and give advice on all the different types of insurances and liabilities you will need.

    I would start by contacting your local accountants as they will know of people that will need bok-keepers that you can offerr your services to, not all accounts want to have the book-keeping in house as it is VERY time consuming. You will also need there help as word of mouth is very important when you start looking at this sort of thing.

    Have you had previous experience with book keeping? If not imo I would personally work for someone for a while to get to know the systems and practices without any pressure that you may have issues.

    When I looked into setting up my own business and I contacted the AAT who said what I would be able to do under the AAT qualification. I decided to work for someone else as I wanted the support, but if you are confident then good luck and go for it. :thumbup:
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