Diploma- Portfolio ?

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Hi all,

Im currently studying under the Diploma pathway and what im really confused about is the Portfolio.
Do i need to build one for the Diploma route?

Ive received a booklet yesterday in one of my classes which suggests that i do, but having looked through the booklet it just repeats all the chapter information for each unit, it is not clear at all as to what i should do with it.

please can someone clarify this for me?

many thanks


  • mikes
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    The portfolios are for those who are doing the NVQ pathway. for the Diploma, you will be doing skill tests instead, which will test your konowledge in different areas, such as using accounting packages on computers and professional ethics etc. Depending on your training provider, these can be done at their premises, at your place of work or libraries etc. I am just starting my first skill test, professional ethics, with Premier Training. Best of luck with your studies.
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    Am currently studying deploma pathway, just completed level 2 certificate finial simulation was a small portfolio CV ect - but have been told that the next levels you have one to do - not to sure yet what they are but going off the last one it shouldnt be that bad
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    AAT Diploma

    Hi guys

    I have done the AAT diploma with Premier Training and didn't have to do a portfolio. I did the skills test and simulations though.

    Just waiting for final 2 exam results - BTC and PTC. If I've passed I have completed AAT, if not I will re-sit in December.

    Found the diploma route excellent!
  • Layla
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    Thanks for shedding the light on this :O)

    thank god, i really hate course work!
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