Working for yourself, good idea or bad?

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Hi, I am just completeing my Unit 10 project and once complete I will be fully AAT qualified. I have been giving serious consideration to working for myself and I am just beginning my research. I would like to hear from anybody who has recently done this and be advised of any major pitfalls, I am confident I can start up but as most people are aware it is rather daunting and any advice or tips would be appreciated. I was thinking of preparing some good quality leaflets for distribution initially, has anybody had major success or major failures using this method of advertising?


  • Jon_1984
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    Where I work we see many companys start up in a non accounting field (arts and crafts) as sole traders,partnerships etc. The one mistake we see time and time again in this area is people thinking they will be able to pay themselves anytime in the first 12 months from their new venture. Although the initial start up costs will be lower as a self employed accountant make sure you have enough to tide you over the early days!

    Obviously if you have a thoughly researched business plan this will all be covered......:thumbup1:

    good luck!
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