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brett316brett316 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 48
Does anyone use this? Just wanted to know how easy it is to use as i've never tryed it before. x


  • AlysonAlyson Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Hi yes i use everyday at work it is really not that hard to use. I found easy to pick up. it is a little like sage. :001_smile:hope that helps.
  • richardwrichardw Well-Known Registered Posts: 108
    Which agresso will you be using?
    Currently using agresso business world, & after having used oracle before, it seems such a backward step.
  • SalinaASalinaA Feels At Home Registered Posts: 35

    Yes I use it regularly at work and find it pretty simple to use
  • PencilPencil Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    Hi - i use agresso, I guess it's like most things, once you get used to it, it really is pretty straight forward.

    I've never had any problems with it and I'm sure you will pick it up very easily.
  • mandyjanemandyjane Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    Yes I use it - what do you need to know?


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