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I have just had a really ridiculous conversation with HMR&C confirming that they are getting even further from reality.

One of my bods has some income last year showing on his bank statements and he was unsure if CIS has been deducted or not, in the absence of a statement of deduction from this particular contractor. (You know the type, builder client struggles with paperwork[subbie as well as contractor])

I phoned HMR&C only to be told that 'sorry' change of rules with new system, they are no longer able to supply this information to me as his agent instead my client will have to first go back to the contractor for a copy and then if unsuccessful he has to write to his tax office advising that he has lost the original, tried to obtain a copy with out success and so would HMR&C please (pretty please) let him have details of captured CIS.

Any one had the same, different or found a way around this?


PS oh and they did say they were trying to encourage peopl to maintain accurate and correct business records:lol::lol::lol:


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    My brother and his workmate had lost some vouchers. They would not send me copies either.......... NOR would they send copies by request to my brother and his workmate. Instead my brother and his workmate had to make an appointment to go to an interview with a HMRC Officer who would supply the information.

    They also got lectured on good record keeping!

    It's frightening what is happening at the Revenue these days. I was told by someone (who has since left) the Revenue very recently that staff morale in all regions of HMRC are at their lowest point ever - staff are leaving right, left and centre and there is no longer the resources available to meet the needs of the taxpayer! Everything is "target driven" so day to day requests from advisers/taxpayers and lawyers are not priority!

    God help us - that's all I can say!
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