How to play Tax for a sole trader

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This is a family tax problem.

My wife works in a permanent teaching job 3 days a week Mon, Tues, Wednesday. She does the same job as a free lancer Thursday and Friday and invoices the school. This is done as a sole trader. This results in cheque with no tax or NI paid to the name of her company, so a typical week is 3 days taxed and Ni'ed by the borough and 2 days with nothing deducted. |On top of this she runs a loss making Saturday school, 2K down for the year. When I do the tax return would it be possible to put the losses of a saturday school operating under the sole trader name against tax due for the free lance consultancy under the sole trader. Ie can I lump them all together or would the revenue see it as the two should be dealt with separately. Any advice appreciated as I am about to engage a local practice to sort for us.


  • claudialowe
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    You just need to fill out the relevant pages of the SATR, and then calculate the tax accordingly.

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    I would agree. You may find it easier to fill in the online Tax Return and it will automatically calculate the tax due.
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