Do you prefer Quickbooks, Microsoft or another small business accounting software?

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Do you prefer Quickbooks, Microsoft or another small business accounting software? Why or why not?
I am starting a small business. I need software to invoice and track payments, track income and expense and basically keep everything organized for tax time. I've read positive and negative on all small business accounting software, so now I'm really confused. Oh, my business is a service one, so I will be invoicing for hours not items, if that makes any difference. Can you please give me some advice?


  • Bluewednesday
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    I must admit I've started using microsoft office accounting and I really like it. However I don't invoice with it - only bookkeep but I have been really impressed with how easy it is to use.

    I'm assuming you have some accounting knowledge so it might not make much difference which package you use, what's the price difference between them?

    I use Quickbooks at a couple of clients and it seems to be very good at providing information for management accounts, I'm sure it will do what you need but I know some of my clients have found it difficult to find resellers and trainers.

    Have you used any of them before? Is it worth looking at designing your own excel spreadsheets to track your records?
  • jiogoal
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    I would highly recommend QuickBooks for you. I've used Peachtree, Microsoft, and QuickBooks before... QuickBooks has the easiest "invoicing from time-sheets" feature which would be ideal if you are billing by the hour. You set up "jobs" and "customers" and fill in your time-sheet accordingly... it's really very intuitive and easy to use.

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  • JodieR
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    I would also recommend QBs (although I haven't used many other small business packages). It's really quite easy to pick up yourself, there's a 'follow-me-help' feature on the screen which is useful to begin with, so if you're entering a bill for example there's full instructions and hints and tips about bills in your help box.
    There's also a useful forum which is very helpful if you decide against paying extra for the technical support.
  • >Michaela<
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    I would reccomend sage line 50. Quickbooks is too flexible and there is alot of room for errors in it.
  • LMW
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    I agree with Michaela, I work with both and I agree that Quikbooks is really easy to get on with but it is too flexible. Quikbooks does not work like a proper accountancy package and if you are not really experienced on your double entries it can get you in trouble. I have customers using both systems and I have to say that the ones using Quikbooks are paying me much more money to get it straight. Good for me, I don't want to complain so everyboby go for Quikbooks.
  • Elenasmi
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    QuickBooks is one of the most used and popular accounting software. And used by businesses of all sizes. QuickBooks can help small business in many ways:
    1. Prepare Reports
    2. Cash Flow Statements
    3. Analyze Trends
    4. Manage Data
    5. Simplify Taxes
    6. Migration support
    7. Secure access.

    You can use QuickBooks on the cloud to integrate with other third-party tax applications to suit your business needs. In addition, the cloud enables customers to work on any device at any time, and collaborate with their peers at any time, without any geographic boundaries.
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