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Hi All

I am employed within the public sector and expecting a baby in October. I will be returning to work in September 2009 but will be reducing my hours significantly. I hope to gain additional part-time work either through employment or self-employment by providing book-keeping services to private practice or directly to my own clients. I wish to maintain my public sector employment because I enjoy it and the perks are great :thumbup1: but I also want new challenges and to develop my experience in alternative sectors. I have worked in industry previously too. I've been an AAT member for 8 years.

I'm trying to draft a speculative letter to local accountancy practices to drum up some business - either through employment or occasional/regular professional services via self-employment and the MIP scheme - I'm open to anything!

The trouble is, I'm having trouble in drafting the wording to include in my letter. I'm trying to say something along the lines of:

I am very open to consider any form of working arrangement, either permanent employment or possibly even self-employment as an AAT Member in Practice. I am also happy to work on-site or from my home based office. My availability would be negotiable and I would anticipate being available to provide professional services on a self employment basis provide from May 2009 or to commence. permanent employment from September 2009.

but far more clearly and succintly...may it's because I'm tired but my brain is not working. Any suggestions?

A local accountany firm has just advertised for a part-time bookkeeper, flexible working arrangement. Ideal if I wasn't pregnant. This is what has triggered me to think about getting in touch with this particular firm (and other local firms) on spec to see if I can be of any use next year.



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    I would suggest that your first contact letter shouldn't contain anything too restrictive. Promote the services you offer and discussions about availability etc can follow later.

    Good luck!
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