Tax Relief for Course Fees

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Does nyone know if you can get tax relief for our course fees if you are paying them all yourself?

Can't find anything on the HMRC site, it appears that after they cancelled the ILA in 2001 they have lost interest in it altogether.:confused1:


  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    Tax Relief

    I do not think, that you ge tax relief for stuying AAT/ACCA or any professional course.

    However, if you are employed and work in accounts department, then your employer can pay the fees and it is not taxable. As this is to help you to do your job.

    Here are two test

    For employer to get tax relief, the cost must be wholly and exclusively for business purposes - the costs of training a member of staff would clearly be this.

    For employees to get tax relief the cost must be wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the purposes of your employment - whilst the costs may help you to do your job better, they are not necessary to do your job and hence fails this test.

    For self employed same rule applies. So I think course fees will fail the test, hence, you do not get tax relief.

  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    Special commissioner case

    Here is a link to special commissioners case. Circumstances are bit different but anyway have a read.

    Kind Regards

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