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Hi friends

I am new thise flowder can any one give little advice to me? first upall i am saying sorry to my boring easy.

i am currently finished my AAT EXAMS final year and i have one more exam.
now i am looking for jobs trinee accountant, assistant accountant,adiminstrative roles, i worked one year in volunteer center in 2006-2007 now i am not i have experiance gap.i have cleared few interviews but not is it better to join in volunteer jobs.
or shall i keep tring jobs.could adive to me which one is best.i have very nervous and i can not decided.

thank you


  • jorja1986
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    Please do not take offence but improving your english skills would help towards employability. I found your thread quite difficult to understand.

    I would do some volunteer work as you will get experience and show to future employers you are willing to do aything.
  • aatfree
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    I agree with the poster above. Do improve your written English skills. Employers will take this as a sign that you have poor attention to detail and can't add up.

    Volunteer work in Finance will give you valuable experience while you are applying for jobs.
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    Cv Cv Cv


    All i can advise at the moment is proof read everything you write - and make sure your CV is upto date. Apply to agencies, accountancy practises and even speak to friends and people you know.

    Am really sorry to say but if was a potential employer and recevied a covering letter (which i have) in the same style, i wouldn't even get passed the first page.

    I dont want to come across as agorgant my spelling is awful most of the time - but i have held lots of interviews and had to choose between hundreds of CV's and spelling mistakes are the first thing we look at.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future :001_smile:
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    Regarding Job Search

    Hello, I am also looking for a first job in finance, and despite having a 2.1 degree, and not having to resit any exams its been very very difficult to get interviews.
    I have got 5 interviews in about 2 years and needless to say they havent got me the job, but I have only got two more units to go before I complete the AAT course, I mean why cant they give someone a chance I am working in Medical research, and studying after work surely that show a passion for a career change and a can do attitude.
    I have many transferable skills which I would bring with me.

    I hope I have not wasted my time and money by doing this course!

  • aatfree
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    What subject is your degree in? What jobs have you been applying for? Having experience is very important in Finance. If you have no experience then that could be a possible reason why you are being turned down.
    I wouldn't say you've wasted your time because aat is a good qualification to have however with your degree you may have been better to have applied for the graduate trainee accountancy schemes. On a graduate trainee scheme the company pays for your tuition and gives you all the required work experience.
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