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How do you get work experience?

jane sjane s New MemberRegistered Posts: 5

I have passed Foundation & Intermediate, & most of Technician, but I still have the dreaded project to complete.

The problem is that I have practically ZERO relevant work experience (apart from a summer vacation job over 20 years ago!) and hence have no idea at all about what to put on my CV. (I can't have got a clue, because to date I haven't even got as far as an interview!!!!)

To make matters worse, I have to give 3 months notice from my current non-relevant job and only want to work a 4-day week (with or without compressed hours).

So it is practically impossible for me to get any work experience. And without work experience, I can't get a job.

PTAP would be ideal for me, but I can't afford 6 months off work (I live alone & have a mortgage) not to mention the high travelling costs.

I know this question comes up over & over again, but why oh why don't the colleges include work experience as part of the course?

What I really would like would be the chance to work one day, or even afternoon, a week for a short period (paid or unpaid) - has anyone any ideas?


  • Faye007GingerFaye007Ginger New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Where abouts were you looking for a job?
    I know a bookkeeping firm who are always looking for extra help.
    Its a home-run office, very friendly people, in southend, essex.
    If you want extra details - post me a message.
    Good luck on finding a job.
  • jane sjane s New Member Registered Posts: 5
    Ooops, sorry - I've just seen this (had given up on getting a reply!)

    Unfortunately I'm not based in your area, but thanks anyway - maybe someone else more local to you has read your post though & got in touch? I wish there were more companies around like that!
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