Should I stay or should I go now?

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I am not sure where to start but here's a bit of background:

I'm studying towards the AAT and I'm doing the Technician level at the moment over two years and due to complete the course in June 2009.

I've worked in Financial Services for six years in various roles but not finance related.Last December I was offered a role in a different company of a similar size and was in two minds whether to take it as it wasn't ideal but would give some exposure to finance, look good on my cv and help towards gaining full membership because of needing one years experience.

Anyway in the end I accepted and started the role in January.

Oh god how I wish I hadn't and stayed with the company I was with for six years.

There is one particular person I sit next to who is so depressing,she is always moaning about something or someone and is really unapproachable.

From the moment I started she has made me feel stupid and is so rude that I can't bear it anymore.

I am a firm believer that you should treat people the way you wish to be treated - with respect and to work as a team but she is not like this at all.

I am really upset because I have spent a lot of time and money on this course and feel my first job in Finance has been a traumatic experience.I have felt so sick that I dread everyday and every moment of my day.

Is there anyone out there who has been in a similar situation?

I'm struggling so much that it is ruining my personal life and making me really depressed,can anyone offer any advice at all?

I am in two minds whether to hand my notice in but then this will make it difficult to explain in an interview and part of me feels why should I?

I would really appreciate any thoughts as I feel so alone :(


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    Hi. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago - after going to college to sit foundation, i moved to newcastle with my b/f to start a job with a Big4 firm.
    I hated every minute. The people were so rude, and always making me feel stupid becuase i didn't learn as quickly as they did. They expected nothing short of excellent, and i just couldn't keep up. I'm not a 'corporate' minded person, and that seemed to be all the job was about - back*****ing and climbing the career as fast as possible at the expense of all else.
    I put up with it for a year, and in the end, they got rid of me before i could hand in my notice. (they said they could see i wasn't "fitting in", and just didn't care any more). I was so happy when they did, i smiled all the way out the office that day, and haven't looked back.
    Now i'm in a job i enjoy, and have really got my good old self back. Life is good again!

    If you're not happy - don't stay. Besides anything else, you spend a huge amount of your life in work, so it has to be somewhere you at least enjoy being, even a little.
    Don't worry about explaining it - i just explain honestly, and say i was unhappy, stressed, and depressed (as i was) becuase i felt i wasn't suited to that environment at all.
    Since i've never gone for a similar job since (preferring industry to practice, and small to large firms), its never been an issue.
    Go for it - its worth it in the end if you are happy with the qualification, and better if you are happy in your job.
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    Thank you!

    That has made me feel better.

    What you are saying is definitely ringing true....why are people sooo rude!

    I would never treat somebody like the way I have been treated and I never would.

    In the job I was in before I had gained a lot of knowledge and experience and I would get asked questions but the difference is I actually enjoyed that and never looked down on anyone. I took it as a compliment and have always had an open door approach and just don't understand it!

    You are right, life is for living and this job is not for me!

    I'm normally a really outgoing character but this job is just getting me down.

    I'm definitely getting out of there x
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    Good luck with wherever you go next!

    Some people just get on better in some working environments than others.
    You'll find the right place.
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    Thank you :)
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    Must agree

    I was in a job like yours last year got all this talk (which was rubbish )about how i would be tought and supported through the role and how i would get propper training etc there was only 4 of us the team the others would go out together on a dinner and leave me sat on my own and one of these was my boss, was there for 6 months started looking 2 weeks after i got there i new it was a mistake , they asked me to leave at xmas 07 thought **** ive got no job but then thought i dont have to come back to this place again made me so happy went teming for 6 months then got a permanant role more money than the rubbish job and love it , any advice i would give to someone is change something if you ant happy with it lifes too sort
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    Try having to work with the bosses son who is a total incompetent and has the social skills of a jelly fish - But I have been here 8 years cos I love my job and I know my boss knows his son is a waste of space - I wouldn't mind but he is 33 - Not 13!!!
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    Reading your post it seemed almost like I had written it myself. The lady I work with is also very rude and has almost completely destroyed my confidence in what is my first accounting role. I moved to this job in November 2006, 2 weeks before my first AAT exams.
    I can't count the amount of times I have left worked angry or in tears and when trying to explain how I feel, been told you can't get on with everyone you work with.
    I sat my last 2 AAT exams in June and have just started studying my first ACCA module via distance learning while I wait for these.

    It has been hard work some days just to come in the door but what has kept me going is the thought that one day I will be leaving here having completed my AAT (with no study support from my company) with an ACCA role to go to, and she will still be here complaining and not moving forward.

    If you are very unhappy then of course, you should move on, but if you feel you may be able to stick with it, I think the feeling of moving on to better things having stuck it out will be worth it.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide to do xx
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    same situation


    I also joined this company and Feb 2005, and soon after thought, hold on, i can do better? I have a moaning colleague, and grumpy boss, and the pay is shocking! BUT i have stayed here, because they have funded my AAT throughout!

    I have now completed AAT (providing i pass in august).... And my plan???
    To move to a better position in a higher paid company? Because i know they aren't even using my knowledge and skills here!

    So i just stuck it out because they were funding for me.
    Now hopefully i'm free! It also gave me the incentive to work hard and pass? Haha, because if i pass? I can leave?
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    LJ1 wrote: »

    There is one particular person I sit next to who is so depressing,she is always moaning about something or someone and is really unapproachable.


    Is there anyone you can go to about this? A manager perhaps? Rather than just handing your notice in you should try to resolve the problem first. And it may be that if you're struggling to get on with this person other people will be struggling too, and management should do something about it.
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