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mc25 Registered Posts: 232 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Please anybody help me. I have managed to mess things up, i did vat return on sage and i accidentaly managed to select 4 months instead of 3 months, i have reconcilled the work and the worse thing is i 4got to do backup before i starting doing the vat return, so there is no way i can restore the work:001_unsure: This is a nightmare, do anybody have any ideas how i can sort my mess out, i really need to do this ASAP to send it on time, the only good thing is i notice the error before i submitted the returns
any help will be appreciated.


  • helenw
    helenw Registered Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸
    If you calculate the return for the extra month and click include reconciled, you can deduct this figure from your vat report to give you the correct figures.

    Hope this helps
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