Hi to everyone

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I have just become a member today and would just like to say hello to you all.
I am 39 and work for the accounts department for the NHS, i have only been employed by them since April 07 and i am really enjoying it.
I have just completed the Intermediate level and shall take the technician level in September.
I expect to come on to the site regularly and hopefully make a few like minded friends


  • Pencil
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    Hi Troy

    Welcome to the forums! I, like you, have just completed my Intermediate Level and hope to start Technician in September. I work in local government in Rugby and thoroughly enjoy it.

    You'll find that, in general, everyone on here is ultra helpful and we all like to encourage each other and give advice when we can.

    Good luck for the results in August and look forward to seeing you on here again soon

  • A-Vic
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    Hey Troy

    Welcome to forums - just completed certificate myself signed in for advanced certificate in september.

    As pencil said this is a really good site for advise or even just a friendly chat with fellow students.

    Good luck with ya studies and chat soon.

    Vic :thumbup1:
  • jorja1986
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    I have just, (hopefully) completed technician level.

    i also work for the NHS in the finance department and it is completely different to working in practice.

    i much prefer working in th eNHS as there are so many different avenuse that you can take.

    good luck in the future.

    ps make a start on unit 10, do a search on the forums and you will get lots of advise. :thumbup1:
  • troy
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    Thank you for your welcomes and advice.
    I was concerned that no one would reply :crying:
    Any help that i can get on unit 10 will be much appreciated as i have read comments by others on that unit 10 can be difficult. And i am sure that others will read also, so the advice won't stop here.
  • Twheats
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    Hi Troy, I've not longed joined myself either. How are you? and hi to eceryone else :001_smile: Same boat as you though with regards unit 10.............made a start but came to holt!!!
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