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I started AAT a couple of years back and have completed all but one of the exams upto Advanced Certificate on the Diploma Pathway. Problem is, I have not completed the Skills tests. I need to complete ...

15 - Operating a cash management and credit control system - Skills test
31 - Accounting work skills - Skills test
32 - Professional ethics for accounting technicians (new unit) - Skills test

The cost of completing these through a learning provider are high - approx £600. I've seen what is involved for skills test 31 - such as mapping an ideal workspace and providing a user guide on a piece of kit which you use. Straight forward stuff.

Is there a cheaper alternative to completing the skills test -other than signing up to one of the big learning providers?

Please let me know if there is.



  • A-Vic
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    Hi Adam

    Sorry to say but you make it sound easy but thats three units and considering we spent 3 months doing unit 31 alone (certificate) in college id try find the best provider over the cheapest.

    Good luck :thumbup1:
  • jorja1986
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    It is my understanding that they need to be signed off so you will probably have to go through a provider to get the papers and get the tutor to sign them off.

    I am sure you could get them for less than that though. My college provided the complete level 4 for not that much more money! :confused1:
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