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I have been an AAT member for 18 months now however I am new to these forums. I have recently been told at work that I can no longer get day release in order to finish my studies. I am therefore trying home study packages. I have tried emailing Kaplan and had no reply from them, I have however had a reply from BPP on their services however this still confused me somewhat as to how the courses work. I want to do Technician level and have no idea where i would need to sit exams how much it costs etc etc. I was wondering if anybody could help me as September is coming round very fast and i want to get this sorted! Good luck to all in their results for any exams sat in June!!!:thumbup1:


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    I'm with Kaplan, but had no luck emailing them before i started - i think the address given on their website front page is wrong, a day later i got a message saying the message couldn't be delivered.
    In the end, i phoned them, and they were good, the books arrived even before a letter saying they would be with me soon.

    I'm sure someone could confirm this, but to sit the exams you have to register with a college or centre near you to go and do them. I'm doing a few units a time, budget won't allow me to pay the whole year in one go, but i reckoned it would have been about Β£690 or so altogether. (you still have to pay the exam fees on top too though, which is a pain).

    Don't know much about the other two though - good luck with whoever you choose!
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    BPP and Kaplans homestudy works on a unit by unit basis - i.e. you each unit as and when you are ready to study it, in the order you wish at the the time of the year you wish. I believe (try their websites) that they may also offer discount if you buy an entire level in one go. At the least, all prices are on their respective websites. Also, check out Premier Training.

    For exams you will need to register for your exam at a college that will except external students (students other than their own). When the exam entries come out, the AAT will send a form detailling all of the colleges that except external students (at least they did this when exams were paper based). You choose the most convinient one for you. If you wish to sit at a college not on this list you'll need to contact the college to make arrangements.

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    I am using BPP Home Study and have found them OK. I have just ordered units 33 and 11 for the Dec 08 exams, each unit is Β£145 and i can sit my exams at any of the BPP Study Centres. I have also used their taught course for unit 15, which i get the feedback for on 22 August so fingers crossed. Their website is quite informative and helpful
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    Can you not study in the evenings? The college I did my Foundation level (and at which I hope to do my Intermediate) is quite flexible, with one class held one morning and one evening, and the other class held one afternoon and another evening.
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    Ive just started with Premier Training and they seem quite good, reasonable prices as well. My first assignment was marked and back within two days
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    That is good, one of my assignments took 2 months near enough with Kaplan. still waiting on another one I sent in about 3 weeks ago.
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    Think I'd go with BPP, not been impressed with the amount of mistakes in the kaplan books!
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    Re: Kaplan books

    I mentioned to the distancel earning co-ordinator about mistakes in their books and got told there is not any!!

    Pointed out I had found a few in just the first few chapters of Unit 7 book.
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    I did homestudy with Premier Training. I have just complete the Technician level and can apply for full membership with AAT. I passed all my exams first time round. The books/info that Premier Traning provide are excellent, so easy to understand that I never actually had to contact my tutor for help in understanding any aspect of my studies.
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