urgent re outstanding fee

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When I check outstanding fee’s on my account I found the following message.

Pay AAT fees
Select the invoice(s) you wish to pay from the list below and click "Continue".

Student Membership Fee £69.00

I already paid membership fee £69 when I register around Sep/Oct 2007. I don’t know for which fiscal year this outstanding amount is.

I am worrying if I need to pay this fee in order to get my June result?



  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970

    I had the same notice my fees wernt due till end of august but i paid it anyway.

    Dont think its anything to worry about but i paid mine up early so to avoide possible admin charges

  • ly.mason
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    I noticed this too yesterday but I phoned AAT up and they said it wasnt due til October so there would be no delay in getting exam results

    Panic over PHeeew:001_smile:
  • blacksheep
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    how soon do you have to pay the fees to register for exams?
    I started distance learning this week, but amn't registered with a student number yet, i just can't afford the £69 this month. Is there time to do it next month? I really want to get my exams sat in december.
  • wow
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    outstanfing fee

    Is z £69 fee from September to august (e.g. 01/09/07-31/08/08) or from January to December (e.g. 01/01/08-31/12/08)? If it the latter I think I have to pay again b/c the one I paid October/07 is for year 2007. It is the former case I believe I don’t need to pay.

    Please tell me if you know something in this case.

    Thank you
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