Help please How to use sage

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Hello everyone I am new to the, so please bear with me.

I have finished my intermidiate level and am just waiting on results to see if I can enroll for Sept technican.

Me and my partner have just started a business and he wants me to do the accounts, only problem being I dont know how to use sage!!!!:crying:

I dont want to do a sage course as they all start in september and I really need to concerntrate full on my AAT with out learning sage.

Has any one got any suggestion?

Many thanks:001_smile:


  • sheelagh
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    Learning to use Sage

    Do you have any bookkeeping experience. If you do, you should be able to find your way around the purchase ledger, sales ledger and bank modules fairly easily.
    You should find a step by step guide in your local bookshop or on Amazon.
    Alternatively, Learn Direct offers an online computerised bookkeeping course using Sage. If you know the basics, you might be able to whizz through this before college starts in September.
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    Why do you need to use Sage?

    Could you make your own templates on excel? Sage isn't necessary for a small company or business, you might find either microsoft accounting or Quickbooks cheaper and easier to learn if you really want an accounts package.

    If it is just starting out you might find excel to be the best solution until you decide what you want.
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    Hi Jenny,

    If you already have Sage it should come with a book of instructions. Also sage has its own help button which tells you how to use and the latest version is very user friendly. I always tell my students its like Ronseal it does what it says on the can!

    i teach Sage at my local college but as an MIP looking for work i would be more than happy to give you crash course before the new term. discounted rates for fellow members of course, question is how far away you are?

    if you wish to discuss further email

    good luck whatever you decide
  • Froggity
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    Hi Jenny, I found the quickest way for me to learn was to do the course, my college did a computerised account course - City & Guilds levels 1 & 2 (luckily they used sage) 1 night a week, 10 weeks for each level, there was no extra study so for 20 nights study I would say doing it the right way it's saved me more time than I've spent studying and also as a brucey bonus I have a certificate! Another way is by doing the sage online course, it works out cheaper than college but i think you pay extra for the certificate.:001_smile:
  • Damo8604
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    Sage Line 50

    I have a Sage line 50 (in easy steps) book you could have, it helped me learn the system quite quickly but you do need to have a bit of basic knowledge. Just PM me if you want it! :001_smile:
  • Poodle
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    Hi Jenny

    You probably do not need to go to the expense of having line 50 Instant accounts will probably do.

    I sold sage instant accounts v14 to one of my clients this week and then undertook some bespoke training with them.

    I was really impressed with v14 you do not have to search around in the help for information on how to do the more common thngs like bank recs, paying suppliers, receiving customer monies. on the navigator with each module is an icon and a little training session comes up to show you what to do. Also there is a training company already in the software for you to practice on before you post to your own data set.

    What also surprised me was that you can buy training books at a reasonal price as well for home sudy at your own pace I have just cut this from the Sage website

    "The Sage Instant Accounts Self Study Workbooks is a suite of 6 workbooks designed to help you make the most of Sage Instant Accounts in your own time and at your own pace.

    Jargon-free and paper based, the workbooks are easy to follow and contain practical exercises. They are incredible value as they can be used over and over again, whenever you have a particular query or if you need to train a new member of staff.

    Each book concentrates on a specific area of Sage Instant Accounts, giving you all the information you need to become an expert at using your Sage Instant Accounts program!" They are £99.00 + VAT

    For infor the site is at

    Hope this helps

  • Jan
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    Hi Jenny

    I can also recommend the work books Poodle refers to, I taught myself how to use Sage from them when I was working for a company a few years ago. And I have just upgraded to Sage Instant v14 - had a look at the training module and thought it quite good too.
    I use Sage for my husbands business, although to start with used Excel
  • NAJC
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    hi jenny
    im doing AAT fast track atm but my course includes working with sage (WWC). Some colleges do extra lessons on sage on a day you havnt got college or after your college day ends. Sometimes you can take both. Ask someone about that .

    Nikolaa x
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