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Hi Everyone,

I have found a new job in commercial industry, my employer told me that is not wise to move from practice to comerical, Is it right, I am a bit worry... Please give me some advice!



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    I was told the same thing and its rubbish. I will grant that the work is different but with the correct guidance and starting early enough you can move from one to the other. It is easier going from practice to industry than going from industry to practice. I've done both and found the latter much more of a challenge as the accounts process is very different as you are working to limits and booking times etcetc.

    But I prefer working in industry to practice. I have worked in practice twice and found that both experiences were one to forget. I have found more respect and a respect for my knowledge in industry that I never got with practice.

    Do not worry. They are trying to make you stay. If you want to change then change. you may find you think it is brilliant, you may want to move back to practice. But you dont know until you try. :thumbup:
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    Thank you very much for your advice jorja1986, it is very helpful!

    Do you find it difficult to move between practice and industry?
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    ITs like any job you just have to aply all your skills differently.
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