Where to study in Cambridge?

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I'm thinking of starting my aat study in Cambridge this semptember entering at the intermediate level as i've already done a-level accounting.

Where would be the best place to study; bpp, kaplan or crc?

and is it possible to study full-time, and how long would it take?



  • Bluewednesday
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    I had a tutor from Cambridge BPP once and he was absolutely excellent, I don't know if he teaches AAT but if any of the other tutors are even half as good as him you will be laughing.

    to my knowledge BPP don't run full time courses but I don't know about the other tuition providers.
  • lisad5
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    Hi, I did my intermediate at melbourne village college and the teacher we had was excellent. They do the course one evening a week on a thursday i believe. CRC do the course as day release or as 2 evenings a week. Hope this helps.
  • Starfish
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    If you can make it over to Huntingdon they do a full-time fast-track course which will mean you do Foundation by Christmas and Intermediate by June.


    If there is enough interest for the Technician they also run that as full-time the year after, or at least they did when I did my AAT.
  • bennybroadbean
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    I done my Technician at Melbourn Village College aswell - we had a teacher called Peter Myers. This is once a week and like Lisa said CRC do a either a day course or two evenings a week (maybe too much?)

    Long Road used todo AAT but I think they have stopped it now - best to check.
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