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Hi All

I am new to this forum and would be very grateful for any advice you could give me!

I have just completed the first module of the AAT Diploma and happily found out this morning that I passed! :-)

However, I want to look into the possiblility of completing the course at a different college to the one I'm at now.

It would be great to hear experiences from anyone else studying in London at one of the Kaplan centres or any other colleges as I would like to make a better choice this time round!! :confused1: I am thinking of Kaplan at either Hammersmith or London Bridge but it would be great to receive any other reccomendations!

Thanks in advance! :001_smile:


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    I'm currently studying in Cardiff with Kaplan and moving to their Angel office in London for my next module, moving with my new job.

    Seems like there is lots of options. Kaplan have 3 offices in London alone and i went with the Angel office as they do AAT on the weekend which is ideal for me with the hours i work.
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