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Hi. I am looking to start studying asap (which i realise is probably this September)

I have read about the differences between NVQ or Diploma but i wouldnt mind hearing your views on it.

Basically, i am a graduate from a non finance degree so have no exp from my education. (apart from Economics A-Level)

I worked in Data Management Centre doing data input etc for a year and luckily gotta job working in Financial Conrtrol doing Balance Sheet Recs for Payroll and property accruals and prepayments. i did this for a year and a half and so i gained some valuable experience. i recently have moved into Cash Management and Treasury.
so i do work in a finance environment but as its a SSC it is very streamlined and i only really focus on one particular area.

Im 25 Next month - if that makes a difference.

I think i favour the Diploma route. seems to be less hassle with no portfolios etc etc.

Are the topics covered the same?

basically if you can shed any light at all this would be appreciated as i need to sort this out relatively quickly.



  • sarahwilson
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    Its basically a matter of whether you can provide (or want to!!) the work based evidence for the portfolio I think. The qualification is the same whichever way you do it, but you can't pass the NVQ without the portfolio which can be time consuming and is probably impossible if you aren't in a some sort of accounting role. I'm doing NVQ and I found the portfolio hard til I changed jobs as I wasn't getting any support from my line manager to do it. If I hadn't found another role I would have changed to Diploma for certain.
  • carrieclarke2001
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    DIPLOMA without a doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grippo
    grippo Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    to be honest this is was i thought too. work based evidence.... my manager would probabl be good helping me with it but again i can only really focus on one small part of F&A.
    Also dont know if i can be bothered completing a portfolio if im brutally honest!

    Does anyone study at BPP? Im going to ring them tomorrow to find out details of taught lessons. i can only find and have only been sent by email a lesson plan for NVQ. not Diploma. Do they start the same time? i assumed you sat same modules but seen online they are different. What is the difference between these?

    I just want to get this done so i can have some sort of qualification to back up my experience. when looking for work i found that people thought i had some good experience doing what i had done but lacked the backing to give me a broader knowledge of the processes.
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