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I just completed my Foundation Year AAT and now am considering enrolling for my second year. I did first year at my local college, two hours a week, in work time, and did most of my work at home. I am now questioning whether a Home Study course might be more suited- the likes of Kaplan etc. My experience of college started well, but after Christmas I found I was turning up but would not really learn much there as the lessons got very relaxed and informal. Does anyone have any experience of these purely Home Study courses?



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    I do home study diploma route with Kaplan. i found it hard as at the moment i am doing unit 31 which I don't think is a NVQ unit so I can't do it at my local kaplan centre like i did with unit 5 so didn't know where to do it as didn't want to do it at work. Ended up getting dad to ask his auditors if I can do it with them. luckily I can but was at the end of my teather with Kaplan as they aren't that helpful when I came to installing sage and didnt have product key. Luckily the person passed me onto a much more helpful person which restored my faith in them as she was really helpful. I think sometimes they don't care about distance learning people that much and it doesn't help that they work 9-5 so it doesn't help us that are doing distance learning because we also work 9-5 so when we get to studying there is no-one there for us
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    I have tried studying with Kaplan but it is a no go for me. I had the problem with once I got home from work it was really hard to motivate myself and I did not want to study. I then tried going to college and I found it so much better (just passed intermediate)

    In the end I think it comes down to what sort of person you are and if you have the self drive and motivation to study on your own.
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    For me college beats home study but I understand why people need to do it if college is inconvenient. But one thing I'm certain of a local tertiary college beats professional schools like BTC and kaplan. Do they speak English ? Try enrolling and it's like talking to programmed sales people and robot tutors. But this is just my humble opinion.

    As for lessons getting relaxed, don't worry intermediate - which I passed with ease - is a step up. You'll certainly learn a lot more plus there's more skills tests.

    The disadvantage I have with college is that after a hard days work I can't fully concentrate and on 2 occassions fell asleep until I was told to stop snoring by someone.:D
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    I have no choice but distance learning as there are no colleges anywhere near me that do AAT.

    THe nearest I have found are Greenock or Edinburgh both absolutely miles and miles away.

    AAT want to promote their course to some Ayrshire or South Glasgow colleges.
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    AAT Intermediate

    Hello to all,
    I done home study and found it hard because my tutor wasn't local. Also trying to motivate yourself. I have now enrolled on to the AAT Intermediate at Bournemouth & Poole College.
    The other thing I find is that am looking for new job and am finding it to get someone to take me on with day release. I have a lot of experience in Bookkeeping & Accounts. I went to do AAT Intermediate back in 2005 but dropped out because of work commitments I won't be giving up this time.
    Anyway good luck on your choice what ever you choice to do
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    Hello everyone

    Anyone out there who will be studying with the AAT Intermediate in Bournemouth & Poole College in Sepetmber who would like to have someone to study with.
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