Which route to take ???

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Does anyone know if you can bypass NVQ4 and go straight to cima or another professional body. I am a mature student 47 and would like to find a quick route to get professional qualifications. I have passed NVQ3.


  • mandy_s
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    I think you can bypass NVQ4 but you don't get the exemptions that you would get having completed NVQ4 so I don't think it would be any quicker.
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    I've just passed intermediate and one of the ladies from my course has decided to do ACCA instead of Technician, i think all AAT does is give you exemptions from the entry certificate levels?!?!
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    Thanks - that has really helped me.

    My next dilema then is which qualification to take. I plan to work for a day nursery and leave my banking job. Any suggestions?? I have been looking all morning at the different bodies but the more i read the more difficult it gets.

    Does anyone know where you can take these as i noticed that colleges don't seem to have them - or i could be wrong. I read somewhere that the pass mark was not very high so i migh look at learning at home via BPP??
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    I'd take a left past Homebase if I were you.


    OK maybe i have had a little too much to drink tonight. I'll shut up now. Mind you, all I had was one beer but as I never drink (contrary to popular belief) I am now very tipsy.

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    Have a look at each syllabus and see which one interests you the most.
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    Jentel wrote: »
    Does anyone know where you can take these as i noticed that colleges don't seem to have them - or i could be wrong.

    Hi Jentel,
    I think it's more universities than colleges that have the ACCA/CIMA courses, although some colleges do the early certificate levels. I know in Sheffield it's one of the two universities professional studies dept that has both CIMA and ACCA, and they have an open evening this week, so although I'm only on intermediate at the moment I thought I'd go along so I can get some info to plan my next step. Maybe your local uni has an open day this month too?
  • Jentel
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    Thanks Bluewednesday & Square-peg (not even going to acknowledge speegs).

    I have finally come to a decision after spending all day & evening trying to find the right course for me & have finally descided to do CIPFA and bypass the Technician stage. I have found their website ever so helpful with all the relevant info but will give them a call in the morning just to confirm my route forward.
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    Glad you've found something Jentel. I'd be interested to know how you get on, as I'm still researching the next step myself, although my options are limited by the fact that I'm not working at the moment so can't do a qualification that insists I'm employed, can only do one where I can fulfill the experience criteria later when I'm able to work again. Good luck anyway. :thumbup1:
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