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So...I'm 18 and I want to study the aat course; I have decided that I am going to take the diploma pathway. I have no previous experience in accounts in the work place or from any courses.

I just want some general advice really.

Should I study at a college or at a bpp/kaplan centre?

Also, what books do people find best and easiest to use? ...kaplan, bpp or osborne?

Thanks any help/advice is appreciated :001_smile:


  • George Tse
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    If u have GCSE's u can start at intermediate level or in deplomas case advance level I think, I think the GCSE thing applys to diploma level too. Im not sure on that. :S

    If you start at level 2 or level 3 It would be government funded so the price won't be a problem. Funding wise.

    If your college offers a full time course you would probs wanna take that the seeing as you are not in employment in accounts yet. If it suits you ?....

    BPP/Kaplan ""I Think" only offers part time courses you will only get like 1 day college per week. That is mainly for people that are in employment n get day release. But you could still do this even though ur not in employment.

    I used Osborne books wen i did my intermediate and I found that they are really helpful but also my college gave me study notes. I would suggest using these to.

    Now I am at Kaplan I am using kaplan book which are also helpful but had a lot of unuseful information in some parts but they layout of pro formas are very good.

    Hope this helps a bit :D

    P.S. I did full time for my intermediate at collge, now im at kaplan doing part time technician as i did not and have not yet get a job in accounts :(

    Kind Regards
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    If you have no accounts experience then I would really advise against starting at intermediate (I think you need A levels to start there anyway). You will struggle if you don't start at Foundation.
  • lauren2223
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    Yeah i'm definately going to start at foundation level and I am looking for a job aswell as studying as I will only be attending the course for one day per week.

    Can anyone advise on anything I can do before the course to get a head start as i'm completely new to all of this?
    Are there any books I can read??

    Thanks for your help :thumbup:
  • welshwizard
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    I would say the best thing you can do is to get familiar with how your calculator works! Make sure you know how to work out percentages - you'll be doing that a lot! As far as the accounting side goes, wait for your tutors to start teaching you the techniques of double entry etc. They are the ones who know how best to show you how to do it as they do it every day.

    Enjoy your studies - you're at an age when you could become chartered within 5 years and earning big bucks! You may find an employer who will take you on as an apprentice/trainee so you then get good experience on top of your studies.

    Good luck!
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    lauren2223 wrote: »
    Should I study at a college or at a bpp/kaplan centre?

    Have you decided what to do yet?
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