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Need a bit of advice. Passed intermediate exams in june, attended local college, and recieved funding.

I now want to go on to do technician level (no funding, employer will not pay - but does give me day release) I was just wandering the cheapest possible way to do tech level.

Has anyone just bought the books and tought themselves ie not buying the whole of a distance learning package. Then entered themselves for exams wherever they can as an external student.

I am thinking 2 exams dec then other 3 (tax option) in june.

Has anyone here attempted this sucessfully or am I being stupid.

I think if I cannot do it this way I will have to wait until enrollment next year and see how thing are then.

I so do not want to give up now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:crying:


  • Kirstie
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    Hi, I've just received an email which may be of interest...

    "...we thought we should make you aware of recent changes to the way in which the government is funding the Accountancy Apprenticeship which covers AAT.
    We appreciate that people choose the Distance Learning route for a variety of reasons, which includes costs or classroom tuition. If this applies to you, then the recent changes to government funding could be particularly relevant.
    Until recently, the apprenticeship funding which we access for AAT students was only available to people aged under 25. This barrier has now been lifted by the government and we can access apprenticeship funding for students of all ages 16 and above.
    Certain other conditions still remain, the main ones being:
    • you must be working in an accountancy role at least 16 hours per week
    • you must not be a graduate
    • you must not already be accessing apprenticeship funding through another provider
    • your employer must agree to be part of the scheme, including allowing us to conduct a health and safety visit and regular workplace reviews.
    Due to other recent changes in funding, we can now only access this funding for Levels 2 and 3, that is the Foundation and Intermediate stages of AAT, through the NVQ route. For Technician Level 4, we can now access another stream of funding but there will still be some fees to pay.
    If you believe you would qualify for the funding and would like to know more about our classroom courses, please visit for details of your nearest tuition centre - we now have 27 offering AAT across the country.
    If you are currently studying AAT via the Diploma pathway, it is possible to switch to the NVQ route should you wish to access the funding"

    I've just finished my last unit of the technician level through Kaplan (distance learning - NVQ / SVQ route) and found them very helpful. The pre-exam study material was particularly useful.

    Alternatively, I don't think you save much by ordering all the material in one go - perhaps you could order the books for the 2 exams you wish to sit in December and see how it goes with them.

    Good luck either way!
  • gillwilson
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    Thanks for that Kirstie.

    Have decided on Premier Training. Seems cheapest option and will let me spread cost.

    Just wondered if anyone can give me an idea of how distance learning works.

    Have decided DFS in Dec, then PCR & PEV in June with 2 skills tests as and when.

    Do you get assignments every so often to test your learning??

    At college last year it was very structured, distance learning does not seem so - anyone done this and how have they found it?

  • Baggybooks
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    I used Premier Training. They can be very good, but I would suggest you keep a very accurate record of when you submit work and always post it Recorded Delivery.

    You will need to chase them!

    When you receive your course work there will be tests included - these have to be submitted for marking and you will get a detailed feedback summary.

    You will be responsible for creating the 'structure'. Premier will give you a timetable, but it's up to you to stick with it.

    Good luck!
  • gillwilson
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    Thanks for that. I know it is going to be a lot harder than being taught at college.
  • Baggybooks
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    It depends on the definition of harder. If you need flexibility to accommodate 'life' then it's easier. The fact that you're given a timetable - and expected to follow it as much as possible - keeps you on track.

    You're given sufficient time to cover the course and have revision time too.

    It's easier to study at home on the cold, dark evenings than trudge off to college.
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