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No problem logging in

PoodlePoodle Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 711
I have no problem logging in.

The problem is the frequency at which I have to keep doing it.

Everytime I 'preview post', 'reply' or 'submit' I have to lo in and thenI am told that it is ok for me to proceed!!!

Could some one tell me why?

I have tried to get you to remembr me but when I tick the little box I get a messge saying that i am not recognised and have input a wrong user name or password. Verry frustrating:cursing::crying::001_tt1:



  • peugeotpeugeot Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 624
    I put a thread up over a week ago about the logging in problems but nothing seems to have been done about it. Someone on the students forum has also put a thread up saying that some of the site still isn't working correctly.

    I wonder if this is where things start to go horribly downhill as they did on the old forums.
  • BaggybooksBaggybooks Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 522
    The site was down for a while this morning. Yesterday I managed to find a different version of the forum, but then it went!
  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970

    Grr i have to log in when hit reply then log into write reply then log in to post reply then twice to edit reply its getting rather boring now and annoying
  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    Problem sorted ive just clicked remember me on my log in screen
  • PAMDILLPAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 716
    I have clicked remember me and I am still having to log in every time I move between pages, view a different thread, try to post and now when I click new posts.

    It is driving me bonkers!!

    And now when I click new posts the forum thinks I am doing a search!
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