Gap year - tax rebate

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Last year I managed to get the tax back that my daughter had paid whilst she was a student - had more than one job, so it all got very messy.

Last time I asked on the old Forum which form I needed - tried a search but no luck. She is now going off to Aussie via NY, LA, Figi and NZ, lucky thing, presume once she has stopped working I can do the same ie get the tax back, not follow her :001_tt2:. She did find a company that would do it for her - till she saw there was a charge. So I told her dear old Mum with help from my friends the Forum would do it for free! Again.

Help appreciated...

PS I'm away on my hols, so if anyone replies and I don't respond it's 'cos I have gone off to find the sun!


  • Poodle
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    Hi Jan

    I think that it is a P50that you need

    Have a nice holiday

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    As she is leaving the UK perhaps a P85 is what you need. This is for an income tax claim when someone either has left or is about to leave the UK.

    Would also suggest you get your daughter to sign a 64-8 before she goes authorising you to act as her agent, which means you can deal with HMRC on her behalf, particularly when she is overseas.
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    A P85 should also be completed but the P50 usually gets a quicker result for a refund. I have submitted P85s alone for a number of leavers and then HMRC have come back and asked me to complete a Tax Return as well - bizarre!
  • Jan
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    Thanks to you all.

    Hadn't thought of getting her to sign 64-8, mind you if I do I'll be her agent for life :lol:. Although that'll probably be the case anyway!

    By the way - had a good holiday, although took the rain down to Greece with me :001_rolleyes:. Back to it this morning, mountain of post to sort through!
  • pinoyLiz
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    HI Jan

    Hi Jan,

    I didn't know you can actually reclaim tax when you stop working.Quite interesting...can you enlighten me? How does it work?:thumbup1:

  • Jan
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    Hi Liz,

    When you pay your tax via PAYE, it is expected that you will be working for the full year. You are allowed a "tax free" proportion of your wage each week/month. If you don't work for the full year you will have paid more tax than you are liable to and so can claim the over payment back. My daughter won't be working in this country from Dec to April.

    The P50 referred to can be used if you are unemployed and not claiming job seekers allowance and expect to be unemployed for more than 4 weeks. (I've now downloaded it).
  • Jan
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    I've resurrected this one, as thought it might be of interest to anyone going off on a gap year.

    I wasn't able to get any tax back for her as she was hoping to be on a working holiday and the pay she would earn out there would count. Only problem being, she couldn't get a job and it would have been nice to have the cash. She ended up coming back early and still can't get it back as they are "improving the service" by upgrading the computer system. Both her friends have managed to get theirs :001_rolleyes:

    On the bright side, there was a job advertised within a few weeks of her returning,whcih was right up her street and which she managed to get, so at least she isn't living off bank of Mum & Dad.
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