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Hi, i've just paid my fees and i'm trying to log into MyAAT for the first, but i keep getting a warning screen saying that the site does not have a 'valid security certificate'. The address bar changes from http to https, and i'm not sure if that's right. Is anyone else having this problem?
How do you get round it? I really need to get on and get my exams booked asap.


  • CJC
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    HTTPS is just what you should be seeing, it means you are connecting to a secure server. I'm not an expert on web security but from what I can see the site does have a valid security certificate, so I'm assuming that for some reason your browser isn't picking up on this and it's not a problem with the site.

    Google isn't throwing up a clear cause/solution for this so here's a few random suggestions. Make sure the date and time on your computer is set correctly as this is a common cause of problems. Clearing out cookies and cache and trying again is my default first move for browser problems and might be worth trying. Which browser are you using? As always Internet Explorer will throw up more problems than Firefox/Opera/Safari and it might be an issue with your browser security settings if you're using IE.

    Let me know how you get on and I'll see if I can think of any other solutions if none of that works.
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    Same Problem with Certificates

    I use the Firefox and Konquerer 3.5.7 browsers with OpenSUSE 10.3 and they also report problems with the Certificate Signing Authority being unrecognised or invalid.

    The issuer details are reported as Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd with Country ZA (South Africa) and Common Name Thawte SGC CA.

    I tried clearing the Firefox cache and cookies with no improvement.

    The Firefox Certificate Manager shows the browser has 6 certificates installed from Thawte, i.e.
    Thawte (Thawte Timestamping CA),
    Thawte Consulting (Thawte Personal Basic CA, Thawte Personal Premium CA & Thawte Personal Freemail CA) and
    Thawte Consutling cc (Thawte Premium Server CA & Thawte Server CA)

    None of these are exactly the same as the reported authority on the AAT site, so does that mean I need to update my browser in some way?

    (I also noticed that the time recorded against forum messages is about 5 hours ahead of GMT. Could this be a problem?)
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