Self-employed bookkeeper after AAT

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Hi I best introduce myself first because I'm new on here, I'm Michael, pleased to meet ya! :thumbup:

Anyway, I'm thinking very serously about having a short break from studies once I complete my technician studies in June, I'd like to become a self-employed bookkeeper. I've gone thru the various forums & found a lot of answers which don't really answer my questions.

I'd like to know how much it would cost to set up (obviously a vague estimate) & how daunting the task would actualy be when I take on my first clients. I already have 3, possible 4 clients lined up. (small building/plumbing & electrician businesses)

Where can I get EASILY DIGESTABLE help & info about where to start? Are there a lot of forms & government legislations? I've been researching all week & the best I got was a 110 page PDF booklet of which I got thru 3 painful pages.

I've got everything into place, a website & a small client base, a printing company for stationary & business cards. One last question, do I really need a Sage(or similar) accounting package or should I just start with manual pencil & paper "old-school" bookkeeping?!

Please help by answering at least one of my questions & I will be forever grateful!!!! :001_smile:


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    I wouldn't say 'pencil & paper' - I'd recommend Excel, as it gives you much more freedom. I'm also looking to do at least some self-employed bookkeeping, although for me I'll be (at the mo) suplementing my employment income, so I'd like some answers to the above questions too. :)

    You sound like you're in a much better position than me though - you have clients, my only client isn't really playing ball right now. My intentions are much less formal, just to offer various services from bookkeeping to illustration, then just include it on my tax return. Basically anything I can do - one of the virtues of being a Jack Of All Trades, you can make a little money doing just about anything.

    But anyways, I wish you all the best, and like I said, I'll look forward to hearing some of these answers too. :)
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    Chris you sound like you're in just as good a position as me, & a very similar one too. Clients are far easier to come by than you might think, all you need to do is put an ad in your local paper, these clients are just people I know but I think as soon as you advertise at an attractive rate your phone will be ringing off the hook.

    Maybe we should post this in the MIP (members in practise) section? Maybe they have "been there done that" already?
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