Help with installing 2nd copy Sage on 2nd hard drive

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I have Sage 50 Accounts 2008 on my main hard drive which is my company's copy of Sage under their license.

I also own a Sage Line 50 version 12 which is licensed to myself. I used to have it on the machine when I was working from home. When I came to this company I uninstalled it and installed the new version for the Company.

I now want to put my Sage onto my external hard drive to process a pub's accounts.

I thought I could just run the setup and tell it to install to the F drive but as soon as I start running the setup it recognises there is already a Sage on the computer and won't give me the option to install. I can only modify,repair or uninstall.

I have tried both the modify and repair options to see if I can then get it to go to the other drive but it does not.

I have contacted Sage but have not heard back yet, any suggestions?



  • columbia
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    Hi Pamdill

    When you start loading the CD it should come up with the program file name that Sage is already loaded to.

    You can check this by opening sage and going to Help/About/Directories. In here it will probably say something like C:Programfile\Sage\Accounts

    Take a note of the directory. When you load the cd is should bring up a directory name and ask if that is where you want to load to, in your case you want to load to a new directory. I usually keep the directory as before but with the name of the new company I am doing the accounts for ie I would change the name of the new directory to


    I hope that this makes some sense and you are able to install the disk.

    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    My problem is that it does not give me the choice of chossing a directory, it automatically goes to the screen for modify/repair or uninstall.
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