HELP!!!!!! Intermediate Units - Accounting Standards Change 2003

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Hi, I completed my AAT Intermediate Level in 2003 and I am half way through studying for my Technician Level and have found out that I need to do some Top Ups on all of the units within the Intermediate Level because the standards have changed since I took them.

I have enquired and it appears the only way of doing this is by taking a skills tests for all 4 units and having to buy the course books for all of the units to study for these as I am a home study student!

Has anyone come across this problem before and how did you go about doing it because this is going to be like taking the whole course again and is going to take forever on top of trying to complete my Technician level.

Please Help!!!!


  • A-Vic
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    Yes i had a friend that almost completed NVQ Intermiade over 5 years ago but have been told the same that it would be better if they repeated the whole level sorry to say.

    However, on the other hand if you have already completed it you should find it fairley easy cant you fast track it?

    Good luck :001_smile:
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