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waxbutterfly Registered Posts: 16 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
I applied for mine almost 2 months ago but it has still not come through. the help/FAQ section on the NUs Website isnt relevant to AAT students. Any idea how long it should take to arrive?:glare:


  • sebastianforbes
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    i've given up waiting. i don't think they even took the money.

    to be fair, most of us don't actually need the savings available... we just wouldn't turn them down if they were offered :tongue_smilie:
  • jackieshep
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    No I haven't received anything either. I sent mine off in September, and have forgotten all about it.
  • andrewtdk
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    Theres still a chance we will get one, i needed mine for a gym membership to prove i was a student so i rang them on the 0845 number and finaly got through. I was told due to high demand and a system faliure they are now processing them and that we should have them in about another 4 weeks. Dont know if this is true but theres still hope i supose
  • rusbfs44
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    i applied for mine in Sept. Try phoning, emailing ....NOTHING!

    Im not holding much hope in getting it
  • katsutlieff
    katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459
    Andrewtdk do you have the 0845 number handy?
  • andrewtdk
    andrewtdk Registered Posts: 150 ? ? ?
    Yea the number i rang was 0845 217 7714. I had to ring in the day though. They said they would be processing around now so may be on the system so hopefully you will be able to find out if they have recieved your application
  • katsutlieff
    katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459
    I received an email from them yesterday to say that they had received my application (sent three months ago) and that the card should be with me in two weeks :thumbup: just in time for Christmas. Many thanks for the phone number
  • te170381
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    Yeah, i too received an email with a PDF file attached with a copy of my card.

    So its on its way, only 3 months late!!!! Just think if all the christmas discount we've missed out on.

    Oh well better late than never.
  • EYMatt
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    I had forgotten about NUS - I'm not a full student member, am I still eligible for a card? I emailed NUS twice to ask, first time they didn't respond and the second time looked like a standard "here are our contact details" type email.

    On the NUS website all I can find is NUS Extra - is this what I am after? Any help muchly appreciated :)

  • te170381
    te170381 Registered Posts: 26 ? ? ?
    i dont think you have to be a full memeber. As long as you have membership and a member ship number i think you can apply for one, and yes it is nus extra you are after.

    I dont thinkyou can get an associate card anymore.
  • phunkyphantom22
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    EYMatt - I'm a bit confused with what you mean by a "full student member"?

    You are a student member whilst you are studying the AAT and have paid student subscription fees and then you become a full member once you have passed the qualification and gained your relevant experience.

    Anyway, you can only have a NUS card whilst you are a student member and it is an Extra card you want - they have done away with Associate cards.
  • EYMatt
    EYMatt Registered Posts: 13 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    I think part of the trouble is that the help on the site is generally aimed at students in college/university, which I am neither.

    I've avoided study in my adult life until now so I'm not aware of the various different NUS cards - so NUS Extra gave the impression that there was some kind of NUS Standard or NUS Basic if you see what I mean.

    By full membership I meant becoming a fellow MAAT member, where you pay an application fee of £45 or something along those lines. It seems that that has no bearing on eligibility for an NUS Extra card though.

    Thanks for the comments, I'll say a little prayer and hope I get my card in time for Christmas shopping :)
  • s_noreen
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    heyyy guys!

    i got my NUS card through the NUS website and it cost just £10!
    all you got to do is follow this link and provide a photo and proof of studying with AAT!

    hope this helps guys!!!
  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    Does this count as a student card? i.e. for cheaper gym memberships and the likes?
  • angharadmai
    angharadmai Registered Posts: 41 ? ? ?
    Yes it does count as a student card, and you get discounts in a lot of shops too.

    I did it online like s_noreen says and got it straight away!!
  • Claire321
    Claire321 Registered Posts: 209 ? ? ?
    I applied for my NUS Extra card online early in September and it came through a week or so later :001_smile:
  • Lou1234
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    Loving the NUS card! Already got myself some nice discounts in some high street stores and only got my card around November time!
  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800
    with the online application it says that they will email you once it is ready to be picked up - do they not send it out? as i live in germany i cannot pick it up

  • messedup89
    messedup89 Registered Posts: 1,281
    mine got sent out
  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800
    ok, thanks
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