Please help regarding exam entry form

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I decided to print my exam entry form off today seem as tho we dont get it through the post anymore but everytime i click on exam details it says i havent been entered. I have never had to enter an exam cos our college does it for us does anyone know how else i can print it off? my friend received an email with a link but i havent received this, any ideas?


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    I'm not sure but I think AAT have been having a few techy probs just lately. I had a mild panic when I tried to print off my exam details and the link said I wasn't entered for any.

    I checked with my college and they definately had me as being entered and when I tried again the next day all my details were there.

    I sent an e-mail to AAT asking what was going on, but have not received a reply as yet, but at least I have now been able to print off my details. It doesn't help to settle any nerves though, when you think you may not even be able to take the exam that's been paid for
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