Unit 21 Working with computers

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Does anyone have any 'model answers' for the below?


What is a password?

How is a password kept secret?

How does a business restrict access to certain types of computer data?

When does the business need to change passwords?


How can computer hardware be kept secure?

What are the risks to computer software and how can it be protected?

What are the risks to computer data? How can they be protected?


What can go wrong with a computer system?

What laws and regulations affect the operation of a computer system?

any help will be appreciated :tongue_smilie:


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    Unit 21 Help


    I don't know if this helps but our tutor gave us a Study text/Workbook on Units 21,21 & 23.

    If you have it, you can find all the answers in there.
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    Hi there, if you don't have a learning provider or study support why don't you try and google or use ''Ask'' for the things you need to know.

    I am all for helping out when people are stuck, but to be frank, this just seems like you are asking for the answers!

    Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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