Technician Level or Diploma?

Londina Registered Posts: 814 Epic contributor 🐘

I finished my Intermediate level and I was thinking to start the Technician one, but I may prefer the Diploma pathway since the qualification is (I think) more recognisable (sometimes people don't understant the levels of an NVQ).

What do you think about it? the units are almost the same, so should not be any difference.

I work in a practice company full time and I'm planning to finish everything by June-July... I'm asking too much to myself?:lol:

thanks for any replies.


  • *Sarah*
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    I didn't think you could switch part way through the qualification? I could be wrong thouhgh
  • mark130273
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    you can switch anytime ?

    i started in my college on the certificate pathway level II
    then changed to nvq level III last year and this year is the NVQ level IIII

    stupid college changing half way through and worst of all we dont get the choise of which of the tax units we want to do ? in fact were not allowed to choise them ?
  • Londina
    Londina Registered Posts: 814 Epic contributor 🐘
    but which qualification do you think it's better, an NVQ or Diploma?

    which level is more useful for a workplace, the Technician or the Diploma level?

    oh, what a confusion!!
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