A little confused-New Student wanting to get started!!!

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Looking to doing the AAT - starting at the certificate level. I understand I will need to register with a distance training provider so I can do the simulations that relate to certain units. The units that are exam based - can i just buy the books/passcards/revision materials etc and sit the exam anywhere....or do I have to buy the full home learning package for these as well.

If you do have to book a course/or buy a home learning package - why do people sell books etc, when you would get these anyway as part of a package. If I can save some money that would be great..

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

KR kerry


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    Do you definatley want to learn at home??

    I do the AAT course through a college in the evenings and would recommend it!
    It cost me £720 plus £60 for books for Foundation but that was everything included.....exams, key skill tests, and registration with the AAT.
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    I learn from home. I enrolled with a learning provider. They do everything for me when it comes to signing up for exams etc, send me a tutorial book and a workbook for each Unit. I then work my way through the books and sit any relevant simulations, or provide evidence for a portfolio - depends which route you take I think. Then I sit the exam at the end of the unit. I have never had to buy revision materials, I find the books are good and then I use the past papers from the website.
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    Thank you for the comments

    I do want to learn from home, easier option for me. Thanks

    Can I ask, which learning provider do you use for homestudy? Would you recommend, seem to be a mountain of providers out there!

    Does anyone know if you can buy the books etc and sit the exams at your local colleage, or do you have to be studying with them... very confused...

    Thanks again

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    I use Microcom Training which I would recommend, my tutor is always reachable by email or I can phone if necessary. They use the Osbourne books which I find easy to understand. Im not sure about the college situation.
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