Chief Examiner - ECR

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I wonder how he is feeling considering the backlash?


  • PGM
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    Not too concerned I'd imagine. Talk of hard exams only pushed AAT's image up! I've seen this type of response to exams a few times now, so nothing new to them?

    Although, keep in mind the final % needed to pass isn't set, so its likely to be lowered if so many are struggling!
  • twinmeister
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    Derren Brown

    Have decided that the exam paper was so full of tricks that although by day the Chief Examiner works for the AAT, by night he practises his Derren Brown impersonator routine around the working men's club scene of the north.

    Trickier than a tricky trickster sipping tricky juice from the over-flowing tricky bowl at the 13th annual Trickster's Convention in Tricksterville.

    Think it's time I went for a lie down......
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