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Anyone else started the ECR Simulation?? i found it so much easier than the exma but was told it would be harder!!!


  • dobbieobby
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    I did it yesterday morning. I thought it went ok too! We was told that a 100% rate was extremely rare and most people have to re-sit certain questions. Anything below 80% is a fail.
  • Nikkih
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    Yeah weve been told the same
  • dobbieobby
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    One (of many!) things I cant get are the higher and lower costs. I had to put a little note on my simulation paper than I had brain freeze!
  • Ian
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    What was the simulation like for ECR?
  • angie1
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    Hi, what sort of questions came up in the simulation, any odd ones ? im doing it 2mo.
  • jkc
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    hi im doing the simulation (sat today)
    oh mi god! no its not that bad honest
    there is a weird one on how much under over absorbed
    any one get the figures on these?
    also product ranking which i cant do as its a bit complicated?
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    I sat mine in September and had to rush it as I spent too much time on the FRA one earlier in the day and got told the centre was shutting at 5pm. (Don't understand how as they were having student's coming in for evening classes), managed to get it done in less than 2 hours.

    Found it loads easier than the exam, I had thought I would really struggle with it but I passed.

    Reember to double check the reading of the product ranking question as they give you the contribution per one thing (i.e.) machine hour then the limiting factor is the other thing (ie. labour hour)
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