Advice Please - 21 y/o MAAT

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I am 21 years old, and passed AAT in june last year when i was 20!
Since then i hunted for a new job, as i was being drastically underpaid in my old job. I found my new job, and am now working for a council and am on 6k more a year :D:D:D

Thing is, my old employer, used to pay my membership fee's, and now i guess it'll be down to me to pay them, but am i just paying for a status?

I get things through the post about CPD, but don't fully understand it.

We are given exams etc, then pass and are given a title, and now . . . i don't know whats supposed 2 happen!? I know it means continued learning, but how, and how you record it etc, and WHY?

I hope i'm not babbling, and some1 out there can help me? Im confused?

Plus, i don't want 2 go to CPD meetings that i wouldn't benefit from, and no1 to go with? Does this mean my MAAT status will get taken away? :confused1:


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    Well done for getting your qualification so young! I wish I had done it years ago myself - I'm currently on Technician level and a fair bit older than you!

    I also work for a local authority and they pay for my annual subscription. We have a annual employee development review where they encourage further training and courses that would qualify for CPD - are you sure your council doesn't do the same?
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    It is a requirement of membership that you follow the CPD cycle. In a nutshell means you should identify your training needs and demonstrate that you have fulfilled those needs (assess, plan, action and evaluate).
    There is some information and tools to help on the AAT website under MEMBERS, CPD. Sorry, I can't make the link work.
    Training does not have to cost money - it can be on the job training, reading articles or training manuals, mentoring from colleagues. I would imagine that working for a council that your supervisor / boss will discuss training oprtunities with you. To satisfy AAT membership requirements you should keep a record of CPD.
    Have you asked your new employer about help with membership fees? They might help - your AAT membership could be seen as an advantage to your employer.
    It's not so daunting attending AAT events on your own - it might help if you contact the organiser in advance so they know to expect and welcome a newcomer, maybe introduce you to a few people.
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    Thanks for your replies :D

    I haven't asked about subscription, and council paying for them yet, because I have only just started, plus its like another half a year until its due again i suppose?

    Its weird, i have like 3 bosses, haha, so when i gain some confidence and balls, i will mention it to one of them?

    As for continued development, i'm hoping one day soon-ish, they'll put me thru chartered status? My boss is doing it atm, from what i can gather, but also another AAT Qualified guy in my office 2, who might get the chance first?

    I got the job based on my AAT Qual anyways, so i think your right about they will want to support me! Thanks Again :D
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