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Hi there,

I'm Nathanael from the AAT Public Relations Team. I'm looking for any AAT members who mange to juggle their own business around the demends of being a busy mum.

You would be asked to provide a few details and a quote that (hopefully) may appear in the national press.

So, if you are interested and have a story to tell, please post or PM me with your details.

Nathanael, AAT Comms Team :001_smile:


  • Orry L.Clayton
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    Rather sexist I must say!

    I am sure there is a number of male AAT Members whom run there own business while also being a full time parent.

    If i had the opportunity and capital, I would love to run my own business. While been able to spend time with my son.
  • Sevren
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    I agree with Orry !

    What a fantastically inspiring article it promises to be though !

    As a self employed father of three children all under ten, I will of course have plenty of time to read it when it comes out.
  • Nathanael
    Nathanael Registered Posts: 11 New contributor 🐸

    Just to explain that I am not being sexist. The AAT PR Team sometimes do campaigns targetting a specific audience. It just so happens that I am currently looking for people who manage the demands of motherhood and running their own practice.

    However, I am always happy to hear from anyone who wishes to put themselves forward as a case study, regardless of gender. If you would like to be participate, please PM me.


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