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hi there

just a quick question, i have just started self employed would wish to learn more about personal/business tax, i have thought about hiring a book from the library but it is from 2001, would this be suitable for learning general stuff about tax, I realise the rates etc will be incorrect but thought it may teach me the basics?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Professional body: ATT

    Training provider: Tolley's


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    Hi Lorrraine,

    I take you did the 2 tax options as you have said 'learn more about tax'. How about doing ATT next. I've just started the course as a distance learner. Don';t bother with library book though
  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Posts: 197Registered
    Ahh, Dean just beat me to it, I'm with Tolleys myself.
  • lorrainelorraine Trusted Regular Posts: 400Registered
    thank you for the advice, I have completed aat but did not do the ptc and btc, my college did not give me the option to do those modules. i wont bother with library book now! thanks again i think i might be off to waterstones instead! cheers!
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