Anyone else just submitted work experience?

Arianna Registered Posts: 20 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
Has anyone else just submitted some work experience to the AAT? How long is it taking to get them approved?

The first time I submitted some it was approved really quickly, though that wasn't around results time. Then I submitted some more and after a week or so I heard that it had been rejected for not enough detail.

I've re-submitted and my boss has approved it using the email like but the site is still saying that he hasn't approved it and neither has the AAT.

Is this likely to be just because everyone it's right after the results are out?


  • luds
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    I submitted mine all at once and got confirmation that it was ok the same day, I've now paid the fees and just waiting on final confirmation.
  • karenv
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    I had this problem for months.
    They kept sending my boss email's and he kept replying but my work was still showing as not approved.
    In the end my boss returned the email to the AAT address it had been sent from and complained.
    We were told there was a system fault.
  • brett316
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    I had similar problems, then it just decided to work one day after a a few months but now my second lot of experience is taking ages again to be approved ....
  • sarahwilson
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    I had that problem with mine, if you phone up the AAT and explain they can have a word with your boss and approve it for you that way.
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