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I put this on the Foundation board too, but perhaps those of you who've already done the Foundation would have a better insight as to whether I'm being overambitious...

I'm currently at risk of redundancy, so am looking to retrain.

I am educated to degree level, have many years experience in a business environment but no direct finance experience (bar managing my own budget spreadsheets).

I have the books for unit 30 and 31 and was thinking of sitting the exam in June - is this overambitious??

I can study probably 4 hours a week minimum.

Would welcome your thoughts!



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    I think you will be absolutely fine. I sat the foundation paper in December 07 having NEVER had any proper finance experience (apart from working in credit control) and being really quite awful at anything maths based! The foundation paper once you get the hang of debits and credits is quite basic and straightforward but definately buts you in good stead for the FRA paper at intermediate level. If you are educated to degree level you obviuosly have no problems with studying!
    Go for it... what have you got to lose!? :001_smile:
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    Thanks KellyG - better get on and register then!
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    Answered on Foundation thread...
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