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Hi all, I've only ever answered a couple of things on here, never actually asked anything but didn't know who else to talk to so here goes...

I have failed Unit 11 DFS 3 times :blushing: but passed every other exam first time round. I am sitting Unit 8 & 9 (PEV & PCR) in June this year and my employer wants me to qualify this summer so is expecting me to re-take DFS at the same time.

I attend an adult education college one morning a week and work full time in an accounts dept. My tutor thinks I should re-sit the whole DFS course but can't offer to teach me it and thinks my books are now probably out of date as they are coming up to 2 years old. She also thinks it's a bad idea to do all 3 exams together.

I'm starting to doubt myself and my abilities now and feel under a lot of pressure. Can anyone out there offer me advice if they've been in a similar situation; or give me guidance on how to tackle the extra work involved in re-learning DFS (as I clearly don't know it well enough to pass an exam).

Thank you.


  • Paul24
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    Basically, there is no easy way to tackle this. You need to live and breath the syllabus from now to the exams, practise as many questions, past papers as possible. Just graft, and dont slack off until you know it inside out.

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    DFS is tricky!

    I has DFS twice it was the hardest by far. My advice would be to go over loads and loads of past papers a hundred times. I dont know how old your materials are but I sat it last June you could have my books for a lot less than the cost of new? They are osborne ones. Or if you dont fancy that how about just buying the pocket flash cards new instead of the whole lot?
    Good luck!!
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    Hi Lou123

    I would consider a few things if I was you. Firstly PEV is on Monday then DFS is Wednesday and PCR is Thursday so that means that you don't get a break between the DFS and PCR exams. It all really depends on how good you are in an exam situation, like do you sleep good the night before the exam. I know I don't I am awake all night, so come the morning of the exam I am not really fit to do it. Keeping this in mind I know I need to be really good to allow for this problem so I never stop practising.

    I took PEV & DFS in December 08 and passed both of them. This allowed me to have a good nights sleep on Monday and Tuesday night before the DFS exam.

    In my opinion PEV & DFS are a good choice to take together because the second section of both papers are about ratios. With the DFS paper I would recommend that you understand how to do consolidated accounts and cashflow statements and then put plenty of time into the journals and income statement and balance sheet section as you will need to be able to produce this fairly quickly and if you succeed with this it will give you a bit of confidence in the exam.

    Also just remember it is you who will be taking the exams not your employer, so do what you think you can cope with.

    Hope all goes well for you.

  • lou123
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    Hi Paul 24, Nearlythere!, and Marg22 thanks for your help and advice.

    I rang AAT and Osborne Books and both have assured me that my DFS books are still relevant and current, but thanks for the offer anyway Nearlythere!

    I have decided to go ahead and sit all 3 exams in June and told friends and family that I'll have to devote every spare waking moment to AAT until then.

    Fingers crossed that should do it because I can't stand in front of my boss for a fourth time and tell him I've failed!!

    Thanks again to those who answered and good luck to you all.
  • carla030698
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    Good luck hope you pass! Just make good notes and go over and over exam papers and im sure youl be fine! :thumbup:

    I tend write detailed notes, do loads of practice papers then make brief notes that I can go through for a few days before the exam and just have one quick refresh on the morning of the exam. :001_smile:
  • Ampsie
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    Hi Lou123,

    I'm in the same boat as you in that i'm going to have a go at all 3 in June. I'm doing the Diploma route so i'll do one exam that covers PEV and PCR but i'll be doing the same syllabus as you.

    So you're not alone! I too will be ignoring my family until June ( i hope they learn to do the cooking!)

    How far through the coursework for PCR and PEV are you?

  • taskey
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    i also am having a go at all 3. i had to resit FRA quite a few times so i am hoping DFS will be similar to that as that has now clicked.

    I have order the new DFS book from AAT as mine was from 2004!!!

    I am just sitting reading, doing the exercises, if it has not clicked, re read and redo. i am also planning on doing past papers too as i think that will give me good background in the way the questions will be asked.

    feel free to pm or email me

  • jilbo
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    Or if you dont fancy that how about just buying the pocket flash cards new instead of the whole lot?

    Are you referring to the BPP Passcards or some other cards?
  • Nearlythere!
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    Yes those

    Yeah its those cards i was meaning - i tought they were really good?!
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    how manny?

    Hi guys
    i wanted to know how many certificates are we entitle to recieve on completion of the technician level?

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