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Hi everyone,

Wondered if anyone can give me some career advice. I am in my last year of AAT and have been working in accounts for 8 months at a manufacturing company (prior to this I was working in a totally unrelated field and it took a year and a half of job hunting, having no experience, to get a position that wasn't offering a measly £10K!)

I really wanted to get a job in an accounting firm and I still do. 1.5 years ago I mail-shot lots of firms and and got 1 interview - got through to 2nd stage but didn't get the job.
I signed up with every agency under the sun but they didn't find me anything.

Basically I'm planning to start job-hunting again for a position in a firm after I finish AAT and have then had 1 year's experience. I really want to go on to do ACCA. I have a degree but not finance-related and got a 2:2 not a 2:1 so don't qualify for any of the graduate schemes.

Can anyone advise me on the best course of action - I'm not going to give up!

Many thanks



  • LondonMatt
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    Why post the same thread 4 times? You are just going to get the same advice 4 times.

    I agree with what Sandy says on the other thread. Be proactive and go for it.
  • Kat
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    So sorry, have not used the forums before. It won't happen again.

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