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I am looking to setting up as a member in practice with another MAAT. The trouble is that we dont know where to start.

We are planning on starting up on a part time basis and fitting it around our full time jobs and then go from there.

Can anyboby offer any helpful tips in how to get the ball rolling? I have been researching via the aat website and Business Link so far.

Is there a recommended way of obtaining new clients and what are the type of services we could provide?

Many thanks



  • whiterose
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    As for the types of services you could provide - it depends on your experience. My understanding is that as AAT qualified the only thing that you are not permitted to do is audit, but I don't expect that will disappoint you too much!
    Everyone I meet says that new clients come by recommendation/word of mouth - but of course you have to get a few clients to get to that stage. I have been working for myself for just over a year now and am just starting to get clients by recommendation.
    The best source of clients for me so far is an advert I have in a locally distributed free magazine. Other ideas - the usual ones of networking like mad, distributing flyers locally, cards in post office windows, etc!
    Lastly - you will have to be very organised to fit this in around your full time jobs - especially at the start everything takes far longer than you expect.
  • mandy_s
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    That is great thank you for your help.

    I am going to attend AAT branch meetings and hopefully that will also help a lot.
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