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Life after AAT

alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 259
I'm thinking about ACCA but I have also looked into Bookkeeping as a stand alone business. I'm only 20 so I think setting up my own Bookkeeping business is maybe a stage too far? Or is it?

Does anyone no of any qualifications that would help me on that road? I did go on the Institute of Bookkeepers but they don't seem to recognise AAT as a qualification?

Could anyone give me some suggestions on where I go from here, Thanks guys:thumbup:


  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    I've just realized how sad I am to be posting here on a Friday night :(
  • AdamRAdamR Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 668
    Not as sad as me - I've been away for a week studying in Nottingham and within an hour of getting in the door, I've logged on here!:laugh:

    No hope really...:lol:
  • Acca
  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    Ha enough said, thanks
  • ajamesajames Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 17
    Just bookkeeping? Then stay with AAT.
    To get a practice certificate with ACCA (I believe - go have a look on the ACCA website) takes a further 3 years after becoming a member and your not allowed to do any accountancy work inbetween this time. Although bookkeeping is allowed, means stopping at a TB. I also think you can't submit documents for 3rd parties, i.e. VAT returns.

    edit: I meant self-employed accountancy work
  • alicemaylaraalicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    Few you got me worried there i thought id have to quit my job!
    Thanks, i think im going to do ACCA purely because ill feel lazy otherwise, but if it was up to me i wouldn't!
  • JohnRJohnR Just Joined Registered Posts: 1

    You will be able to set up as a self employed bookkeeper, although other posts are correct, you will have prepare accounts to TB and hand them to the accountant.
    Don't knock yourself, if you get the right market it can be a good income, I started a bookkeeping business along with a decorators merchant, the decorators paid more, thus I am back to study for AAT.
    If you require any advice please ask, it is the only way to avoid pitfalls.

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